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Clearspan Structures & Large Tents

Structures & Large Tents FAQ

What styles/sizes of Clearspan structures and large tents does Creedon and Co., Inc. offer?

We have one of the most comprehensive tent inventories in the country including tents from some of the top manufacturers in the world. Our Clearspan structure tent is available in both 20-meter (66 feet wide and up to 132 feet long) and 40-meter (132 feet wide by up to 300 feet long – almost 3 football fields!). Century tents are available in 100-foot and 120-foot widths with a maximum length of 580 feet. We also have frame tents up to 40-feet wide and Century tents in 80-foot, 60-foot and smaller widths.

To what geographic area does Creedon and Co., Inc. provide tent service?

We are national! Creedon and Co., Inc.’s crews regularly travel around Massachusetts, throughout New England and around the United States to install tents of all sizes. We frequent Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania, but have also fulfilled customer needs in Las Vegas, Nevada, Arizona, Maryland, and Key West, Florida.

Can my company rent a large tent and have my crew do the installation?

Depending on the location, size of the tent, and experience of your crew members, it may be possible. In some instances supervisors from Creedon and Co., Inc. may be on-site for the installation directing your crew members. Please call to inquire.

Can you help me determine what style/size tent I need for my event?

Based on the type of event, number of guests, items going under the tent, and your site requirements, our tent experts can recommend the right style (structure or pole) and size tent for your event. Please call to discuss with us.

Who handles the permitting process?

In most cases, the customer renting the tent would be responsible for all permits needed. We are happy to provide flame certificates or any other necessary documentation.

Do you provide lighting, sidewalls, tables, chairs, and other rental items?

Absolutely! Creedon and Co., Inc. is a full-service event provider. Our inventory includes many lighting options, tables in a variety of sizes and shapes, chairs from basic folding to gold Chiavari ballroom, linen, tableware (china, glassware, and flatware), dance floors, stages, portable HVAC and more.