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Clearspan Structures & Large Tents

Commercial warehouse space


When long-term but not permanent warehouse space is needed, a ClearSpan structure tent is a perfect solution. With a 34-foot ceiling height at its peak, and 13-foot clearance at the sides, plus the ability to install large access doors, hard sidewalls, flooring, and to hang powerful 1,000-watt halogen lighting from its beams, the ClearSpan structure tent is versatile and can save thousands on construction costs and real estate taxes. A ClearSpan also has a much higher wind-resistance capacity than typical tents and can be installed on concrete or pavement without being staked (concrete ballasts can be used). An obstruction-free interior means equipment can be moved freely throughout, and with the option of lengths up to 886 feet (264 meters), this versatile structure can be modified to suit your needs.

Structure-40M-x-140M-Tent-ExteriorStructure 40M x 140M from the side

The ClearSpan structure satisfies the requirements of the American Society of Civil Engineers 7-93: Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and other Structures Standards. It is also engineered and manufactured in accordance with:

  • The Uniform Building Code (UBC)
  • Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA)
  • The Southern Building Code Congress International Standard Building Code (SBCC1-SBC)
  • The Southern Florida Building Code (SFBC).